Information for Candidates – Level 2 FEBCTS

The primary aim of The European Board of Cardiothoracic Surgery (EBCTS) is to encourage common high standards and qualifications in cardiothoracic surgery in all European countries and beyond.  This should potentially allow for the mutual recognition of these qualifications between European countries and elsewhere.

The standards are set to award certificates of the Board to surgeons who have attained levels of knowledge and proficiency that can be recognised as appropriate for early and established independent specialist practice in the generality of Cardiothoracic Surgery and sub-specialist areas.

Candidates applications will be reviewed to ensure that they are eligible to take the examination. Candidates should read the Regulations of the European Board carefully before applying to ensure that they are eligible to take the examination.

The Fellowship examination will assess all the Level One outcomes across the entire syllabus in addition to the Level Two outcomes within the General and chosen sub-specialty area (adult cardiac surgery; thoracic surgery; congenital cardiac surgery) of the syllabus. This examination will comprise of multiple structured vivas/oral examination with pairs of examiners.

Candidates may elect to take one or more sub-specialty examination (Adult Cardiac, Congenital or Thoracic surgery).

The Board will organise the Fellowship examinations in the 3 sub-specialties at least once a year (starting 2018).